Hayley King - Retail and Motorclothes® Manager

    Hayley King - Clothing Manager

    Hayley King - Clothing and Retail Manager

    Name: Hayley King

    Do you ride?: Not yet, but hopefully soon!

    What's your favourite bike?: I love them all but I've got a soft spot for the new Roadster
    Tell us a bit about you: I was at Leeds Harley-Davidson for about 15 years before moving back to the north east to work at Jennings Harley-Davidson Gateshead. I love a bit of Elvis and I love meeting friends old and new in our Motorclothes® shop.

    What do you love about Harley-Davidson?: I fell in love with Harley at only 4 years old and haven't looked back!

    When did you join the team?: 2012 I joined Leeds Harley-Davidson with Sohail but I've been with Harley since 2001.

    Describe yourself in three words: Bubbly, bonkers and blonde.