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Mon, 04 Sep 2017

Ready to ride the rebuilt, redesigned and reinvented range?

The legendary Harley-Davidson® Softail® range has been rebuilt, redesigned and reinvented.  With eight all-new Softail motorcycles available, a quick look will highlight just how amazing they really are.

Thanks to the most powerful engines ever available in Harley-Davidson Big Twin cruisers, new Milwaukee-EightTM 107ci (1745cc) and 114ci (1868cc) V-Twins, the 2018 Softail models get a new heartbeat. Retaining the iconic 45-degree V-Twin cylinder angle and broad-shouldered top end that is accentuated by a single camshaft design that tapers to a slim bottom, it has a muscular contour.

Offering the trade mark ‘potato-potato-potato’ Harley-Davidson sound, with less intake and mechanical sound, the stunning engine produces more pulling power to put a huge smile on the riders face.

With lighter and more rigid frames that maintain the classic hardtail look, yet offer a modern ride, the handling of the Softail is now even more functional. Increased lean angles on many models, along with a sharper turn-in response, improved acceleration and agility, the all-new Softail range offers an unforgettable ride. Add to this new LED headlights, USB charging points and styling, test ride the all-new Softail range today. Be one of the first to test ride the all-new Harley-Davidson range; call 0113 245 2499 (Leeds) or 0191 4619100 (Gateshead) to speak to a Harley-Davidson specialist.