Vespas Redisgned

Vespa Redesigned as 6 Types of Motorcycles

Yet another Italian invention that took the world by storm, the Vespa is a cult classic and one of the world's most popular scooter. When it landed on the scene in 1946 it was given the nickname "Paperino" (duckling) due it’s miniature nature.  These scooters are instantly recognizable, but have you ever wondered what a full-on Vespa motorcycle would look like? We thought it was about time to find out. 

1. Vespa Chopper

When you think about a Chopper, it’s most likely the classic Harley Davidson that comes to mind. With its high handle-bars and unmistakable exhaust sound, this Vespa Chopper would be the pride of any self respecting mod. So modify it to your heart’s content and lean back, it’s time to cruise. 

Vespa Chopper

2. Vespa Sport Bike

The Vespa superbike is born to win. Speed is the name of the game here, this gas guzzling Vespa is thumping out up to 1200 cc, compared to the 50 cc you’d usually get from an everyday Vespa. You’d no doubt be finishing first at Losail on this thing. 

Vespa Sport Bike

3. Vespa Touring Bike

If it’s long distances you need cover this Vespa touring bike has everything you need. It’s huge fuel tanks will keep you going for miles, the upright seats will keep you comfy for hours at a time and the screens will protect you from any adverse weather. There is even space for a passenger and luggage, making it the perfect bike for a road trip. 

Vespa Touring Bike

4. Vespa Off-Road/Dirt Bike

If it’s off-road biking you’re into, this rugged Vespa dirt bike is the one for you. It can handle
any surface you care to test it on: sand, gravel, mud, snow or even a river. The suspension and lightweight bodywork will have you bouncing around comfortably and the knobby tires will keep you safely gripped to the floor. 

Vespa Offroad

5. Vespa Cafe Racer

This is the perfect lightweight Vespa for quick rides over short distances. The Cafe Racer is instantly recognizable, with it’s low-mounted handlebars, prominent seat cowling and elongated fuel tank. It’s minimalist bodywork and control layout recall those early-1960s Grand Prix road racers and it would be a dream to drive. 

Vespa Cafe Racer

6. Vespa Light Cycle (Tron Motorcycle)

We couldn't resist finding out what a Vespa Light Cycle would look like. This futuristic racer is powered by pure liquid energy; just push the front and rear ends apart to go faster. Steering is done by tilting the cycle and there is a a pair of small fins to help you balance or brake. It’s made for racing, but whoever designed this clearly also had an eye for style.

Vespa Tron

Vespa riders proudly call themselves "Vespisti”. They’re a passionate bunch, it’s a lifestyle not just a scooter. But we’re pretty sure they’d be queuing up to give these motorcycles a try. There’s one for every kind of rider, which one would you choose? 

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Vespas Redesigned as 6 types of Motorcycles, courtesy of Jennings Harley-Davidson