Is your riding  helmet safe? – check it today

It is vital that riders ensure that they check their helmets on a regular basis to ensure that they offer the maximum protection. You may think that because your helmet shows no signs of damage or aging that it is still offering the protection required when on the road.


When should you replace your helmet?

Like everything your motorcycle helmet has a limited shelf life even if it not damaged in any way. It is recommended based on riding levels that a helmet is replaced between every three and five years. If in doubt about changing your helmet, call 0113 245 2499 (Leeds) or 0191 461 9100 (Gateshead) to speak to a member of the Motorclothes® and accessories department. For a new cafe racer helmets check



Has your helmet been involved in an accident?

Motorcycle helmets are designed to offer optimum protection in a single collision. Following an accident or incident a helmet should be replaced even if there are no visible signs of damage.

Have you dropped your helmet?

If you have ever dropped your helmet then you should change it immediately. Motorcycle helmets are designed to offer the best protection before a single incident of damage. 


Has your helmet been exposed to chemicals or cleaning fluids?

Your helmet may degrade if it is exposed to exhaust fumes, petrol, excessive heat or cleaning products.  

If you are in any doubt about your helmet and the protection that it offers visit a Jennings Harley-Davidson dealership in Gateshead (0191 461 9100) or Leeds (0113 245 2499),where a Motorclothes® and accessories specialist will happily assist. A full range of helmets are available to select from in various styles and sizes- ask for further details.