Genuine Harley-Davidson Brake Pads

Genuine Harley-Davidson Brake Pads


Brake pads are an integral part of any motorcycle. Worn brake pads can lead to an accident and all the eventualities that this could entail. It is a basic matter of safety and ensuring that you are prepared for anything the road throws at you. At Jennings, we strongly recommend that you purchase branded Harley-Davidson brake pads when the need for replacing current brake pads arises.


There are a number of reasons to consider buying branded Harley-Davidson brake pads:


·         They are designed specifically for Harley-Davidson models

·         They match up with the braking performance of each particular Harley-Davidson bike model

·         They are the only brake pads that have managed to maintain the Original Equipment specifications, even after prolonged use.


Within the motorcycling community, there is the misguided belief that all brake pads are the same. That is just not true, though. Harley-Davidson brake pads have been tested and approved by the company itself, meeting all safety standards and, for the most part, completely eclipsing these safety standards.

We believe any biker with a Harley-Davidson should have these custom brake pads fitted when the need arises because of the optimum performance and compatibility they offer. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of any brake pad is to keep you safe. And we are confident that Harley-Davidson branded brake pads are the best on the market for ensuring your safety.


So How are they Tested?


Brake pads need to work correctly in all types of conditions. Harley-Davidson, including the Harley-Davidson V-Rod ,has thoroughly tested its brake pads in both dry and wet conditions as well as testing them against the most common hazards encountered on the road (think oil slicks, etc.). The ultimate goal of this testing is to test in situations that riders are likely to encounter when riding on UK roads.


Why You Should Not Use Standard Brake Pads


The cheap brake pads you find on the market are unsuitable for Harley-Davidson machines. Unbranded brake pads use different friction materials, and they may not match up with the anti-lock braking system on Harley-Davidson bikes. Furthermore, you can never guarantee how long an aftermarket pad is going to last.


Harley-Davidson-branded brake pads were made for the job.