Batteries and Tenders

Batteries and Tenders


You should always buy genuine Harley-Davidson batteries for your bike. Jennings recommends them because they are designed specifically to work with the vehicle’s electrical system. They come with a moulded-in terminal to offer better connectivity for cables, and they also have internal components that are compatible with the electrical vibrations given off by the inner workings of Harley-Davidson motorbikes.


The battery may not be the sexiest part of the bike, but there are few components more critical to the machine's operations. Not all batteries are built equally, and you will get radically different performances from each type of battery. Specialised Harley-Davidson batteries are optimised for Harley-Davidson bikes, and they are constructed to handle the demands of the modern Harley-Davidson rider.


What You Should Know About Batteries


·         The larger the battery, the more charge it can store

·         Even when parked, the battery’s load is never zero; it’s always working.Parking can eventually discharge a battery

·         Additional accessories, such as alarms, will drain the battery faster

·         Batteries charged with the wrong charger can be damaged

·         The battery tender will provide just enough flow to the battery without overcharging it

·         A completely discharged battery may be permanently damaged, so you should never wait until the battery is dead.


Tested for Success


The Battery Council International Standard is a set of criteria dictating how a battery should be built and what numbers a battery should be able to produce. Harley-Davidson batteries better or exceed all these standards, and are constantly being improved. They have been tested over thousands of miles to make sure that they continue to reach the highest performance levels.


At Jennings, we recommend them because they are by far the best option for Harley-Davidson motorbikes. What should stand out for all our customers is the durability and strength of the Harley-Davidson batteries they purchase. Every battery from Harley-Davidson comes with:


·         a specialised design exclusive to the brand; it’s moulded in such a way as to enhance durability and strength

·         a heat-sealed cover to improve reliability and reduce the chances of leakage

·         AGM separators that are resistant to tears; they are designed to protect the plates

·         stainless steel bolts that will not corrode or rust

·         a positive terminal protector to protect against short circuits.


Battery Tenders – Something You Must Not Forget


If you want to extend the life of your Harley-Davidson battery, you have to obviously take good care of it. Proper maintenance can ensure that a battery lasts for many years. And one way to ensure this happens is by installing a battery tender. If you plug the tender in between rides and while the bike is stored, the battery will remain charged and ready.


Harley-Davidson branded battery tenders are designed not to overcharge the battery and not to allow a deep charge, where the battery is allowed to drain almost entirely.


Think about the Environment


The average battery for motorbikes contains lead and sulphuric acid. These components are not very friendly to the environment. But Harley-Davidson branded batteries have been designed to take into consideration the environment. They are completely recyclable and can be safely disposed of if sent back to Harley-Davidson. They will send them to an approved recycling centre, where every component will be made into new batteries.


What could be better than that?