Great Dealers, Great Service – More Than an Oil Change

Great Dealers, Great Service – More Than an Oil Change


Ride a Harley-Davidson for long enough and it is inevitable that the parts will start to wear down. General wear and tear is an irritating reality of being a hard-core biker, or even a casual biker for that matter. To keep your motorbike in the best possible condition, you should not just wait for something to go wrong. Schedule regular maintenance sessions so one of our experts can look over your bike.


We are the specialists when it comes to purchasing motorcycles and the genuine parts required for these machines. And to ensure that we are only selling and using exactly what we say, we have our own expert inspect every component before we allow it to be put on the sales floor.

And tying in with genuine components and parts, we cannot reiterate how important it is to have your bike and its various components serviced by an expert. Unless you are a trained mechanic, you should not take the risk. Here are some of the reasons a professional, Harley-Davidson trained technician should be the only person looking at your Harley-Davidson bike.


·         They are highly skilled, and they know Harley-Davidson motorbikes like the back of their hands

·         Within their professional facilities, they have thousands of pounds in intricate tools designed specifically for Harley-Davidson models

·         They can notice issues before something goes wrong.


Finally, if you work on your bike in the back garden, if it comes time to sell, potential buyers will not see the machine as reliable. This could equate to a lower price than you were initially expecting. When a buyer wants a Harley-Davidson, he or she wants something that has been serviced only by professionals.


A Harley is All in the Details


Harley-Davidson motorbikes have gained the recognition they have done because they are, as we all know, works of art. They need to be properly serviced if they are going to stay in five-star condition.  This is not an easy job, and servicing must be performed regularly. And not to mention that if you neglect your bike, you may void your warranty in the process.


So what is involved in regular servicing?


For this example, we will use one of the 2012 Touring models. For a 1000-mile service, there are approximately 22 areas to address and over 50 steps a mechanic has to follow in order to complete the servicing process. And even after all that, the bike must be tested on the road.


This isnot a task that you should give to absolutely anyone. It has to be done by a professional. If one thing goes wrong, it could destroy the whole bike.


Ride and Fix


Jennings takes pride in being able to either advise you on your bike or to provide the servicing for you. When you work with us, you will never be left waiting for long. Forget about waiting weeks for an appointment because we believe you should be able to ride into our garage and sort everything out on the spot.


It is based on the Harley-Davidson Express Lane Service (ELS) that is only available in the United States. This particular service is aimed at making minor repairs, such as changing the tyres, changing the oil, or switching handgrips and mirrors.


The idea is that you should be able to have work done at your convenience.