Surface Care: How to Clean a Harley

Surface Care: How to Clean a Harley


Keeping your Harley-Davidson in good condition will help maintain the aesthetics in good order for longer. You will be able to ride down the road with a sense of pride as the sunshine glints off the bodywork. But it is not easy to keep a Harley-Davidson in the right condition. You need to make sure that you have the right products to help you.


Jennings knows that riders are passionate about their Harley-Davidsons. Therefore, you should only use Harley-Davidson surface care products as these have been designed as part of the whole care system. They are designed to work in synergy with each other. Harley-Davidson has tested them all to make sure they do the best job.


Which Products Do You Need to Get Started?


Harley-Davidson surface cleaning products are affordable. Below we have listed the essentials that every rider should have by their side:


Microfiber Detailing Cloth – This soft, synthetic cloth can clean any part of the motorbike. It’s designed not to scratch the paint, and it can easily be washed in the washing machine.


Wash Mitt – This woollen mitt will allow you to quickly clean the more difficult parts of the bike just by slipping your hand inside.


Soft Detailing Pad – The soft detailing pad is made of foam and makes it easy to get a good grip on problematic blemishes. Use the orange side to get rid of grime that has adhered itself to your bike.


Softstrips – These cloth detailing strips are designed for cleaning the cylinders. To use, circle the strip around the area you want to clean and pull the ends back and forth. The resulting cleaning and buffing effect will make your chrome shine.


HOG Blaster Motorcycle Dryer – This safe and efficient way to dry your bike uses a blast of hot air. It can cut down on drying time by over 75%. It also gets rid of any stray drops of water you may not pick up if you decided to use a towel to dry down your motorcycle.


Wheel and Spoke Brush – Using Tampico, this natural fibre cleaning brush is shaped into a cone to make cleaning wheels and spokes a breeze. It will never scratch and works well on hot surfaces as well.


Soft Drying Towel – This synthetic towel can be used on all surfaces without scratching. It’s extra absorbent and will not leave any unsightly streaks. It can also be cleaned in the washing machine.


Cleaning Brush Kit – Our kit contains a set of three cleaning brushes for getting into the tightest spaces. The chamois brush scrubs between the engine fins; the reverse spiral brush will clean the sidewalls of your tyres; the soft mop brush should be used on chromed wheels.


Bike Wash Bucket and Multi-Pocket Apron – This bucket is unlike other buckets. There is a guard that allows dirt to sink to the bottom, meaning that your washing mitt will pick up water, not grit. It comes with a nine-pocket apron to help you hold all your washing chemicals and cleaning tools.


How to Clean Your Harley Correctly


Before you get started, remove any belt buckles, jewellery, watches, and anything else that could scratch the motorbike. Your motorcycle should have cooled off before you get started. And if your bike is hot, do not try to cool it down by spraying cold water on it. Once the cold water evaporates from hot metal, it will leave water spots, which can eventually go on to crystallise. It is extremely expensive to get rid of such blemishes


Make sure you read the labels on your cleaning products. Even as something as innocuous as which way to scrub can make a big difference to the results you get.


Finishing the Job


When your bike has been cleaned, you need to protect the finish. Depending on the frame you happen to have, you will need different finishing products. For the purposes of this example, we are going to assume that you will be using the Harley Glaze Poly Sealant.


This product should be shaken well before use. Apply the glaze to your Harley-Davidson Softcloth or your Microfiber Detailing cloth. Apply to each section of the bike one area at a time. Work it in using a circular motion. Once it dries after a couple of minutes, you can wipe it off using a clean Harley-Davidson Softcloth.


Just make sure you do not apply it in liberal amounts as it can be difficult to remove if you accidentally add too much.


Products designed for specific frames should be applied in roughly the same way, although you should always consult the label prior to using a new product.


Refurbishing Your Harley-Davidson Bike


Sometimes your bike will not look its best without a refurbishment. There are a number of tools you can source from Jennings for this purpose, from restoring the leather saddlebags to getting rid of minor scuffs and scrapes that have made their way onto the body of the bike.


It does take a lot of effort, but using the range of Harley-Davidson care tools, you can bring the bike. including the Harley-Davidson Softail. back to its former glory without having to spend hundreds of pounds in doing so.


Do bear in mind that for easy touch-ups, you can purchase a black touch-up pen. These work on the body and leather. Just make sure these are Harley-Davidson approved to avoid any unnecessary and embarrassing mistakes in the process.


Make it Shine!


Finally, you should not wait until your bike is in a bad condition before you decide to act. You have to be proactive in your cleaning. For the relatively small amount of time it takes to keep your bike in the condition it has become accustomed to, you can save a lot of money and a lot of headaches.


If you follow all the tips given here, you should be best placed to make sure that your bike stays in the best possible condition for years to come!